Added Value Investing 

Tuff Investments

Tuff Investments designs firm-specific fixed income investment strategies for clients and sources high quality, high yielding fixed income investments with a goal of maximizing return-on-investment (ROI).

Tuff Investments has partnered with a non-bank Investment Dealer having over $120 Billion under management to guarantee clients the highest yields available in the marketplace.


Tuff Investments designs investment strategies that are focused on your organization’s liquidity requirements. Equally important… all Tuff Investment investment policies are designed to guarantee excellent diversification of a) fixed income assets classes and b) investment names to ensure not all of your funds are in the same basket.

Tuff Investments makes sure all new investments fit perfectly within your investment strategy.

In the chart below, new investments added to an existing fixed income portfolio ensure the client has a steady stream of required liquidity.


Tuff Investments monitors every clients’ investment policy, guaranteeing all new investments comply with policy in terms of the quality of each investment, as well as restrictions on dollar amounts invested in each asset class and each investment name. Clients never have to worry about policy with Tuff Investments.

Best of all, Tuff Investments offers high quality, high yielding investments that add value to your bottom line.

The table below highlights the added value delivered to one clients within 6-months.


The added value highlighted in the table reflects ROI above and beyond the yields on fixed income investment a steady stream of requiredliquidity products available from either Credit Union Central or other investment dealers.

The Tuff Investments team is headed by Ron Ryan, MBA, CFA and Darryl Yasinowski, CFA, CMT, CIM, FCSI.