Tuff Risk Investments

Every Basis Point Counts

Tuff Risk clients look to Tuff Risk for ideas to help increase investment returns and… we have been very successful in doing so.

Why Tuff Risk?

Passion!   Besides years of experience as fixed income specialists, we follow interest rates all day, every day.  At Tuff Risk, we always have an opinion as to where interest rates are moving.

Vision!   Tuff Risk studies global economic activity, not just North American markets.  Our economic outlook is very much dependent on economic activity in China, Europe, India and Brazil.  Tuff Risk follows global economics and looks for the impact these economies have on our markets at home.

Success!     Tuff Risk has added as much as 100 basis points over returns clients achieve on their own.  On fixed income portfolios of several millions of dollars, the additional yield makes a significant contribution directly to the bottom line.

Enterprise!  Tuff Risk has contacts with a number of dealers and can locate fixed income products through many sources not available to you now. Tuff Risk can also negotiate, on your behalf, higher yields.  Tuff Risk take a very personal approach managing your portfolio.

Tuff Risk compares its performance to your benchmark performance, allowing us to demonstrate the added value we deliver.  Don’t take our word on this, talk to our clients.  We have added up to 100 basis points over the benchmark.

Quality.  Quality.  Quality.

One wrong investment can wipe out the returns with even the best strategy.  The old saying “I am more concerned about the return of my investment than the return on my investment!” says it all.  Tuff Risk portfolios place quality and diversification front and center in all investment strategies.

Tuff Risk also ensures investment policies also address quality and diversification, explicitly.

Increase Your Returns!

Tuff Risk understands that you could invest your own funds. We believe that we can add value over and above what your current strategy may be. Contact us today!