Tuff Investments adds real value to your ROI

Effective investment strategies are designed to provide high returns regardless of whether interest rates are moving up or heading down. The best also insulate the overall performance of the portfolio from one’s personal view of the marketplace.

Although there are several fixed income investment strategies to chose from Tuff Investments prefers the Laddered Investment Strategy , where:

Every time an investment needs to be undertaken, the investment is placed longer term, at the end of the ladder in order to maximized yield. Key to any successful Laddered Investment Strategy is ensuring the rungs are of a size and frequency that deliver liquidity when needed.

With a Laddered Investment Strategy, the portfolio earns the highest yields when interest rates are either moving sideways or downward. In the event of rising interest rates, every maturing investment is invested at yet higher and higher yields.

TUFF Investments

Tuff Investments – A Non-Bank Dealer

Increased Return on Investment

Tuff Investments searches Canada’s financial markets and Dealer desks to find the highest yielding, high quality fixed income investments available in the marketplace. Tuff Investments provides its credit union clients access to the highest yielding, high quality fixed income investments every time you need to invest.

Added Value to Your Bottom Line

Tuff Investments has added as much as 113 basis points over yields offered by the competition on “A” rated investment grade fixed income securities.

Generally, Tuff Investments delivers between 40 to 80 bps added value on most investments.

Access to a Non-Bank Dealer

Partnered with a non-bank Dealer, with over $125 billion in assets under management, an A+ (Strong) rating from Standard & Poor’s and an A (high) rating from DBRS, and with 66% of its own investments placed in bonds and GICs, Tuff Investments offers credit unions access to an extensive inventory of high yield, high quality fixed income securities… without having to go through a bank Dealer.

Two Service Levels

Everyone’s needs are different, so Tuff Investments created two distinct service levels to chose from. Just pick a service level that meets your needs.

Tuff Treasury Services 

Designed for credit unions that need a Treasurer and do not have one or for those simply wanting to free time for an already overworked CFO. 

Tuff Treasury Services is a full service solution providing your credit union with its own Treasury Department. Commencing with a review of the credit union’s exist-ent investment policy and the current fixed income portfolio, Tuff Risk identifies opportunities available to increase return on investment (ROI). Generally ROI is enhanced by:

  • The adoption of a professional investment policy
  • The introduction of a focused investment strategy
  • Expanding the search for quality, high yield fixed income investments

For each new investment moving forward, Tuff Treasury actively searches issuers and Dealer desks throughout Canada to find quality, high yielding fixed income investments for consideration. No investment is undertaken until the CEO/CFO provides approval, so the credit union maintains complete control of the process. Tuff Treasury also ensures all new investments comply with every aspect of the investment policy and that all investments fit well within the investment strategy.

There is no cost to the credit union for Tuff Treasury Services. 

Tuff Investment Locator Service

Designed for credit unions that want to manage their own investments. 

On behalf of the credit union Tuff Investments will actively search issuers and Dealer desks throughout Canada to find quality, high yielding fixed income invest-ments to present to the CEO/CFO for consideration.

Simply by expanding the search for quality investments, and with more fixed in-come investment inventory to chose from, the credit union will add value to ROI.

There is no cost to the credit union for the Tuff Investment Locator Service. 

Tuff Investments has referrals from credit unions and non-profit organizations throughout Canada that you may speak to at any time… 
… as we have consistently, time and time again, added value to each client’s return-on- investment. 

– Ron Ryan 

Your Treasury Team

Ron Ryan, MBA, CFA 

Ron Ryan is an experienced fixed income portfolio manager, having managed a $700 million fixed income investment portfolio for Credit Union Central Alberta for several years. Since April 2000, Ron has worked directly with Canadian credit unions in the area of interest rate risk and fixed income portfolio management.

As President of the Tuff Investments, Ron is passionate about helping credit union earn more on their investments.

Darryl Yasinowski, CFA, CMT, CIM, FCSI 

Darryl Yasinowski is an industry expert in fixed income, derivatives and capital market strategies, having managed fixed income portfolios of $1.6 billion and derivatives of over $800 million for cooperatives and other financial institutions for over the last 15 years.

In addition to his professional investment services, Darryl teaches advanced invest-ment management strategies covering areas such as fixed income and derivative in-vestment strategies, risk management, and the optimization of capital returns.

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