Tuff Risk Professionals

Tuff Risk is comprised of a select group of professionals dedicated to enhancing client income since April 2000.  Each partner within Tuff Risk possesses the 1) experience, 2) confidence and ideas and 3) the prerequisite education required to trustfully deliver added value directly to the bottom line of any financial institution, regardless of size.

Although Tuff Risk clients generally include banks, credit unions and trusts, we have experience outside the banking industry. With offices in the United States and Canada, Tuff Risk is uniquely in possession of industry intelligence and strategies gained only by working with such a diverse client base.

Tuff Risk prides itself on it focus of adding value, whether that be through increasing financial margins or safeguarding earnings. Products and services built over the years, such as asset liability management, fixed income products and strategies, foreign exchange risk management and enterprise risk management.

Once becoming a Tuff Risk client, the expertise within our team immediately becomes part of your team.  Tuff Risk attends senior management meetings, augments the ALCO, and delivers Board presentations. Tuff Risk also freely transfers knowledge to each of its clients, in the belief that this shared insight builds a stronger team approach.

Tuff Risk adds the expertise needed to successfully compete in today’s extremely competitive marketplace. With confidence, insight and experience at your side, your bank, credit union or trust will definitely gain a competitive edge.

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